Aug 10, 2011

talking turkey

Faulty perceptions. How a guy might draw a turkey to look like a hand. How childhood memories are formed. I wrote in an earlier entry that all FIVE of my older brothers practiced piano (I since corrected that). My younger brother, the sixth son, the one who actually HAS five older brothers, pointed out my math error (I'm not real good with numbers). My oldest brother pointed out he DIDN'T take piano lessons - he had five years of accordion lessons. Even more cruel sounding than piano lessons. When I was a teenager, or thereabouts, (I'll wait to find out from my brothers or sisters before I write a more specific number) I think Mom noticed my lack of cultural development and poise so present in the older children, and felt like accordion lessons would be just the ticket. I only lasted three lessons. I think they say playing a musical instrument is good for brain development. That might explain some things.